Buss drivers´academy

We value the competence of our bus drivers! As the company’s ambassadors, they perform an incredibly important role: to contribute to a safe, pleasant journey for our customers. This is why we’ve set up the “Malmö Bus Drivers’ Academy” – a project to guarantee a supply of well-trained, competent employees into the future.

"Malmö Bus Driver´s Academy guarantees the supply of well-trained, competent drivers also in the future."

The Bus Drivers’ Academy is a course that aims to enhance skills levels, with a major focus on customer care. It’s aimed in the first instance at drivers who work in the fields of charter and international transport services. The course lasts three days and interweaves theory and practice.
The Bus Drivers’ Academy provides six important building blocks.

1. Customer care: Conduct, clothing, brand management.
2. Vehicles: Technical knowledge, maintenance, dealing with faults and damage.
3. Driving: Safe driving, economic driving, different traffic cultures, adapting to traffic.
4. Safety: CPR, first aid, fire, evacuation, accident procedures.
5. Rules: Driving and rest times, planning driving schedules, paper documentation.

6. Specifically for Scandorama and Ölvemarks: Working with a guide, satisfied customer guarantee.

"Our drivers are well-equipped for domestic and international travel!"

Our aim is that all of our drivers who drive tourist buses abroad will undergo the course at the Bus Drivers’ Academy. We can therefore say with pride that our drivers are well-equipped for international travel!