Drivers and buses

Your driver – our ambassador

A bus journey doesn’t just have to be safe and efficient. We want it to be enjoyable too! Of course you can expect our well-trained, service-minded drivers to be professionals when it comes to driving and rest times, as well as safe, environment-friendly driving.    

"Of course you can expect our well-trained, service-minded drivers to be professionals."

But true Traveller Buss drivers aren’t satisfied with that. They play an active role at the heart of the action and want to satisfy our guests’ desires. If any little problem crops up along the way, they find a solution – if someone needs a plaster, have a word with the driver. And as they are out and about all day long, they have a wealth of good tips on attractions, restaurants and much more besides.

"Most of our experienced drivers are multilingual."

If you have a few minutes to spare and just want a chat – most of them will have the odd interesting story from their travels that they are happy to share. One major benefit, especially for our foreign guests, is that most of our experienced drivers are multilingual.
To guarantee that we will also be able to offer well-trained drivers in future, we have set up the “Malmö Bus Drivers’ Academy”. Read more about our unique training programme here (link).

Our buses  

Traveller Buss has a large fleet of vehicles, enabling us to offer the right bus for any occasion. All assignments, big or small – we welcome them all!

"All assignments, big or small – we welcome them all!"

Our buses are fitted with ultra-modern clean technology and as far as possible run on biofuel. We offer a high level of safety with features such as three-point seat belts and alcolocks. In our buses, you always travel comfortably in a relaxing environment. We take great care to ensure that our vehicles are modern, fresh and aesthetically pleasing. We don’t just want to perform a necessary transport service, we also want to leave behind a memorable, positive experience that leaves people wanting more! 
Read more about our buses and their equipment here!