• When will I receive my quote?

We always strive to provide our customers with fast, personal service. It’s our ambition that you will receive a quote from us the same day or at the latest one working day after you sent us your enquiry!

  • I haven’t received a quote. Why?

Sometimes our Customer Service experiences a heavy workload, but we always strive to provide our customers with a quick response. If more than two working days have passed since you submitted your enquiry, you can either email info@travellerbuss.se or phone +46 (0)8 55 66 88 00.

  • How many seats are there in the bus?

We have lots of different sized buses, so that we can choose the right bus for the right occasion! Our most commonly used tour bus has 50 seats. We also have double-deckers with seating for 80 people and minibuses with room for 8-37 people. Read more about our buses and their interiors here.

  • Can I hire a bus without a driver?

Yes, it is possible to hire a minibus without a driver. But not our bigger tourist buses.

  • Why is there no VAT on the price of my quote?

Does your planned journey take you beyond the Swedish border? International trips are VAT-free!

  • Why do we have to pay for the driver’s accommodation?

Because that gives you the lowest price as a customer! When you or your company book a hotel for a group, you can often have the driver’s room at a reduced rate, or even included in the group booking. If Traveller Buss makes a hotel booking for an individual driver, the price is higher. There is also a booking fee.

  • Can I have the contact details of the driver who’ll be driving my bus?

Of course it gives you peace of mind as a customer to be able to contact the driver if necessary. Let us know if you want the driver’s contact details, and you’ll receive them no later than 24 hours before departure!

  • Can I change times or destinations in my booking?

Of course! At Traveller Buss we’re very flexible and keen to customise your trip entirely according to your preferences. We accept corrections to times and destinations at no extra charge, up to 12 hours before the journey starts. After that, changes are billed at SEK 200 during office hours or SEK 400 at other times. Changes to times and places may affect the price of the journey. 

  • When is the latest that I can cancel my journey?

We offer free cancellation until 24 hours before departure for short transfers and day trips. For trips of two or more days, we offer free cancellation until 72 hours before departure. After this time, a charge is made. Read more about cancellation charges here.

  • When and how do I pay for the trip?

Payment is against invoice, and the terms of payment are 10 days net. This is on the condition that there is no other agreement.

  • I’ve forgotten an item of personal property on the bus – what do I do?

We don’t assume responsibility for lost valuables, but we do of course want to help you recover your lost property if it happens. We keep items we find at the nearest office for three months. You can reclaim your lost property by first providing a description of it. You can either come and collect your property yourself or ask for it to be posted to you. You will have to pay for the postage. Here (länk) is a list of lost property items that we have in our possession.