Terms of travel

Cost of cancellation
We offer our customers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance of departure on day trips, and 72 hours in advance of departure on multi-day trips!
Standalone transfers and day trips


  • Cancelled less than 24 hours in advance: 50% of the original price 

Multi-day trips – bus transport booking only

  • Cancelled less than 72 hours but before 24 hours in advance: 20% of the original price
  • Cancelled less than 24 hours but before 12 hours in advance: 35% of the original price
  • Cancelled less than 12 hours in advance: 50% of the original price 


Group tours with surrounding arrangements

Terms of payment

When booking, Bergkvarabuss will invoice you the customer a registration fee of SEK 300 per person. This amount is then settled against the final invoice for the remaining amount that must be received by Bergkvarabuss before departure. The exact date for the final payment is stated on the order confirmation.

Additional costs / cancellation costs

We reserve the right for price changes and charges outside our control.
When booking, the customer receives a date for when the trip can be cancelled free of charge. Please note that the registration fee will not be refunded if the trip is cancelled.

Travel Guarantee

When arranging trips with overnight stays, we make a statutory travel guarantee to Kammarkollegiet.

The combined travel services offered are a classed as a ‘package tour’ within the meaning of EU Directive 2015/230. Please take note of the relevant directives here.

Passport and visa requirements

Travelers are obliged to check applicable passport and visa requirements for each country. For more detailed information, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, https://www.regeringen.se/uds-reseinformation/, tel. 08-405 10 00 or the country's embassy.

You have the option to making corrections or changes to your booking free of charge up to 12 hours before departure.
Cost for changes made less than 12 hours before departure

  • During office hours 200sek + VAT
  • Other time 400sek + VAT 

Changes during the trip
Additional cost per hour in addition to what is agreed upon at the booking confirmation:


  • Approx. 995sek + VAT

Additional cost per mile, in addition to what is agreed in the booking confirmation:

  • 1-30 pax: 125sek + VAT
  • 31-50 pax: 135sek + VAT
  • 51-61 pax: 165sek + VAT
  • 62-80 pax: 190sek + VAT 

General rule
If no customer contact is received within 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time, the bus may leave the place.
Terms of payment
According to agreement, prepayment can also occur.
Please check your booking confirmation carefully to ensure it matches your wishes!
Please clearly tag all of your luggage with your name and contact phone number.
The carrier ‘Bergkvarabuss’ applies the guidelines that are stated in the Bus Ordinance and current practice from the Market Court regarding damaged or destroyed luggage in connection with accident as a result of the bus. The general